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Kienle, Eberhard, Associate Professor (France)
Kikuchi, Tadayoshi, Professor (Japan)
Kilavuz, M. Tahir, Graduate Student (United States)
University of Notre Dame
Kirkpatrick, Chris, Military (United States)
Graduate Center, CUNY
Koehler, Kevin, Assistant Professor (Egypt)
American University in Cairo
Kudsieh, Suha, Assistant Professor
College of Staten Island, CUNY
Lacy, Lisa, Lecturer (United States)
Texas Tech University
Lahmuddin, Lahmuddin, Lecturer (United States)
Missouri State University
Landis, Joshua, Assistant Professor (United States)
Middle East Studies Program
University of Oklahoma
Lapidus, Ira, Professor Emeritus (United States)
University of California, Berkeley
Larson, Barbara, Professor Emeritus
University of New Hampshire
Larson, Ian, Independent Scholar
Lashin, Amr, Other
Lawson, Fred H., Professor (United States)
Mills College
Leroy, Didier, Researcher
Lesch, Ann M., Professor Emeritus (United States)
American University in Cairo
Lindbekk, Monika, Researcher
University of Oslo
Linthicum, Nancy, Graduate Student
University of Michigan
Litvin, Margaret, Associate Professor (United States)
Lockman, Zachary, Professor (United States)
New York University
Lucas, Ann, Assistant Professor (United States)
Boston College
MacQueen, Benjamin, Lecturer (Australia)
Mahdi, Waleed, Assistant Professor (United States)
University of Oklahoma
Mahrous, Fatma Said, Instructor
Malak, Karim, Graduate Student (United States)
Columbia University
Malczycki, W. Matt, Assistant Professor (United States)
Auburn University
Mamelouk, Douja, Assistant Professor (United States)
Le Moyne College
Marmon, Shaun E., Associate Professor (United States)
Princeton University
Marshall, Shana, Professor (United States)
George Washington University
Marsot, Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid, Professor Emeritus
University of California, Los Angeles
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